Students want exam feedback, and they want it quickly.

This academic year (2010/11) Kent Union started a campaign to improve feedback on assessment. The findings of the research part of the campaign are detailed in the report, now available for download.

Key findings:

  • 93% of students either strongly agree or agree with the statement ‘students should receive exam feedback’.
  • 92% said they would like to receive formative feedback as well as summative on their assessment.
  • Only 61% of students said they received their assessments back within three weeks.
  • 90% of students either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement ‘students should have access to face-to-face feedback for the first assessment each academic year.

Some of these findings are really interesting, download the report to see all the statistics and see Kent Union’s recommendations for the University to improve on.

Appendices A & B


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One response to “Students want exam feedback, and they want it quickly.

  1. Sam

    Interesting results, face-to-face feedback is a must in my opinion as tutors can explain their responses and students can ask questions about the feedback on the spot. Great work Lauren and Laura!

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